2110 Records proudly presents:



The Voice!

Use "The Voice" for your DJ intros, release anouncements, trailers, mix CDs, radio-/ TV- / Youtube-
commercials or other media.



  1. Just fill in your details and the requested text below.
  2. You will recieve an e-mail with a quotation of your order.
  3. Confirm the order and you'll recieve an invoice.
  4. Your requested text will be recorded with the voice like you can hear in the example below.
  5. You will receive the recorded audio in 44.1kHz 16Bit stereo WAV file after we've received
    your payment.

- That's it! .............-----> May The VOICE be with you!!

PS: If your details don't fit in the boxes below just type it in the "Requested Text" area before your actual
requested text. (Please also include your VAT number!)

Prices are based on the length and purpose of your requested text!

For special requests or more info you can send an e-mail to: thevoice@2110records.com

The Voice - example on soundcloud by 2110records

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